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Penwith Press: 'for those on their own inspiring journeys.'

Publisher and on line bookseller for earth mysteries, dowsing and Cornish interest books, DVDs, and iron and copper dowsing rods.  We also sell maps for the 'Michael' and 'Mary' journeys in the dowsing classic: "The Sun and the Serpent" and the 'Apollo' and 'Athena' journeys in "The Dance of the Dragon".  


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And if you're in Cornwall at any time you're welcome to come to any ot the Trencrom Dowsers' meetings/events:     The group, affiliated to the British Society of Dowsers, meets monthly in Marazion through the winter and early spring.  Then, from spring onwards, we polish the dowsing rods and dust off the picnic hampers and have monthly dowsing trips to any of the ancient sites in west Cornwall.  

The group does not offer dowsing tuition but please look at the schedule on this site - under 'Training'.


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