John Moss organises dowsing trips with tuition, for individuals or small groups, to include the ancient sites of Cornwall and Dartmoor, Devon.


Tours have included a couple of days' tuition with an Australian, who we then took down to Carn Lês Boel, near Land's End, the first/last node point of the 'Michael' and 'Mary' energy currents in England.  We waved him goodbye with his enormous rucksack and away he walked, following the energy currents. We contacted the dowsing group in Hopton, Norfolk, "the other end of the lines", who met him 37 days later!


Thames Valley Dowsers, a British Society of Dowsers' affiliated group, has enjoyed three years of dowsing trips with us to sites in Cornwall, Wye Valley and on Dartmoor.


In addition, groups from a nursing college in Minnesota, USA, have visited us in Cornwall for several consecutive years. After a day of dowsing tuition we take them to some of the ancient sites to practise.  In 2017 the group spent time dowsing the energy currents on the beach at Marazion, (the node point of the Michael, Mary, Apollo and Athena energy currents is on the Mount), with a visit to Chapel Carn Brae and Boscawen-ûn stone circle. 

The first day ended with an evening of story-telling but obviously a vital part of the experience was Cornish pasties, followed later by a cream tea at Lanyon Farm!

In 2018 and 2019 we had a great time taking more enthusiastic groups to more of the very special sites in West Penwith, including Trencrom Hill, Carn Euny, Sancreed holy well and the Michael/Mary "node" on St Michael's Mount.

We are now looking forward to meeting a new group from the nursing college in May 2020.  














Dowsing on the beach near St Michael's Mount and out dowsing the ancient sites - whatever the weather!



And there's always time for a cream tea!